Greetings from the Great White North


Buffalo Lips

Lookin forward to learning this sport and to spread the love but first i have to go shovel snow again.
Welcome home ,,, You will not be know as the Great white Buffalo... After the Ted Nugent song....

Shovel Snow ??? That is why we have bucket loader and snow blower....LMAO
Welcome from Alaska! Wish we had snow to shovel. Been to cold and not enough snow lol.
Hey Buffalo Lips, first that is an interesting handle. Feels like I am calling you names when I say your name. Haaaaa!!! Welcome from the states. I will warn you like I have others, this forum can get pretty addictive. You start off using here and there and then a little more and bam!!! Your hooked and finding yourself on here a strange hrs of the day when you normally wouldn't be and you think back and wonder how did I get here. But it is to late for that so you just go with it!!! Haaaa!!! See what I mean? I never used to ramble on here! Oh God!!!! I gotta go!!!! Haaaa!!! J/K. Hope you enjoy it here, good people with tons of talent!
Oh Oh what have I got myself into???? Thanks people.

your home now so what did you expect??? Nothing but kind folks spreading the love like Mitch aka Airbrush Tutor has asked...
But really you have found the most friendly and helpful airbrush forum on the net..Great white buffalo