Greetings from the Hoosier State!



This the first time I've joined a forum. Your all very interesting! I'm wanting to give a new gig ago with air brushing , have only sold a few cakes but have access to shirt business. Need Knowledge! Everyone Have a Great Day!! Wheathers AWSOME in Indiana!
Welcome from Florida. I am glad to see someone else on here is into cakes. I make cakes too but I have not yet used an airbrush on it. I hope to try it out soon.
Welcome friend, enjoy the forum, i also am into cakes...thats eating them though:)
Welcome from the Hoosier state , what part of the state are you in? I live around the Bloomington area.
I love cake, welcome on board
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Weeeeeeeelcome!!! Be a good, fun, new experience with ALOT of frustration, highs and lows. My best advice would be to read the post by eneesha on open forum. Pretty much says it all. Well............mostly
Greetings from Australia, :drunk:
I also decorate cakes but am yet to spray one. Happy to meet others with the same interest.
Hope the shirt business works out.
Keep :)