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Hi everyone! I’m a UK artist and recently took up airbrushing around 6 weeks ago. Although charcoal hyperrealism was my thing, I always wanted to give this amazing medium a go. So I booked myself on a workshop and below are a couple of my pieces to date.

great to meet likeminded people in this unique medium :)


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Welcome aboard from Australia:)
An art background will defiantly be a benefit, now you just have o learn the tool :)
Which brush /paint did you end up with !
Welcome to the site there are a lot of very good talented artists around here.
Your off to a good start already.
Welcome Dave. Looks like you’re off to a great start! What gear did you set yourself up with?

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I have myself an Iwata Takumi Eclipse, Sparmax 610H Plus compressor, and a variety of paint brands to play with :D going forward I plan on upgrading my compressor to a Sil-Air or Bambi, as I need something as quiet as can be.
Finding a paint brand that you like can be hard and having a variety to play with is a great starting point. They all have their little issues from time to time, availability is a factor to also consider. Try and get comfortable with a brand that is readily available so you're not waiting weeks for supplies to come in.
Your compressor is already close to the 'silent' category so the only real benefit of upgrading would be larger capacity air tank.
How are you finding the Eclipse Takumi? I have a hankering for one of those myself.

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