Grex Genesis.XS review and skull painting test vid

Strictly Attitude

Air-Valve Autobot!
I know the quality isn't that great but any suggestions would be appreciated should be cell phone friendly. It is a review along with some airbrushing of a quick skull.

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Thanks for the Vid Strictly, the brush seems to perform well. Where do you get the side feed converter from, I can't find one anywhere.

Big John , Great review video and cool little skull.,
I like a brush that offers different set up and options. But I still do not like side feeds..

I was waiting for a head shot ...LOL
Great little vid and review mate, thanks for sharing that and the plug for the forum:)
I will find out on Monday and let you know shouldn't be too bad I might be able to put in an envolope if I take it out the package and tape it to some paper. The paintpal was only $1.20 to send to UK
Just checked out your site SA. Keep us up to date when you get more updated. I'm in NH and would order from you, helpin out a fellow AB'er, and gettin good stuff.

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Thanks allot guys and I will keep you all updated on the site will be hopefuly adding more product tomorrow. I am hoping to also get some paint time in too it's a tough juggling act with the family, tattooing, painting, and getting the site going.
Nice vid John! Though side feeds aren't for me. Cool little skull, and nice ad for the forum!
Great video. Really liked your skull work. When do you plan on putting out your next video as you mentioned in this one? I plan on doing a portrait soon and any tips would help.
I have a portrait to do and will be doing in video. I also will have another video tonight of when I was doing some work on Jacksparrows paint pal pic.
I use an xs & love it - smoothest trigger out of any of my brushes
I have been working on the double portrait with it and I love it. That video was the first timei had used it or a grex brush for that matter. They are a sweet brush.