Grex XS or Paasche Talon or....



I'm going to buy my first airbrush so i decided to seek help here because in USA airbrushing is more common thing than in europe and especially in countries like Belarus and Russia.(only my personal opinion)
After 2 weeks of searching for an AB the main criteria for which is:
1. 0.3 nozzle
2. Gravity or side feed
3. Pre-set handle.
And Grex XS has taken my fancy because of reasonable price 129$(among ABs with pre set hadle. IWATA and H'n'S for instance has prices about 200$ or higher ), relatively inexpensive spare parts(In compare with IWATA and H'n'S also) and positive feedback on the internet. And also it has few advantages
1. is about expansion by buying a special adaptor which allows to use siphon feed bottles and as well quick color change.
2 Side feed allows to draw at any angle.
And I was about to buy it but suddenly came across Paasche Talon TG 3F Set for only 110$ with 3 different nozzles and needles, fan cap and hose included.
In my opinion all this things make this AB almost universal. But to be honest i haven't thought of buying Paasche or Badger ABs as there's little information about them on russian speaking part of internet.
But low price of this AB and obscenely cheap spare parts made me think of buying this one.
So i'd like to know more about it from people who own it . How durable it is in compare with other ABs. What is the chance to get factory deffected item etc.
Had anyone experience of working with both of them? What's the impression. i've red sever Paasche reviews but did't lear thing i need.
Also, While writing this message came across iwata triple action handle. If I get it right this is pre-set handles and could be applied on every Iwata AB model... or what? Does it means that i can get Iwata RevolutionBR for instance and turn it into AB with pre-set handle? So if it's right, another varian occurs...
Really hard to choose. Maybe I fell into the trap in which many beginners fall trying to choose the first AB wanting some super duper airbrush).
I'm so confused and ask to help me, please!
Thank you.
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i own a talon gravity feed,i can tell you that it is an amazing gun!!!as a matter of fact i use the one am in aposition to tell you that you have multiple options with this i tell everyone in a good day i can so even more detailed work with this talon(0.25 tip and needle) than with the german infinity(0.15 tip and needle) i also own.but is not always,in that department the infinity is more consistant.but never the less the fact that you can change needles tips crowns shows that is more versatile gun.also is a very good working horse while the infinity is a prescision airbrush.

i have not tried the any badger so all i can tell you is that here people love the a fact i have seen work from guys with this badger that are amazing.the down side is that you´ll have to wait for two weeks,and paasche talon is a immediate delivery.

spare parts from paasche are very cheap and relaible.what i have heard is that paasche used to be better than now days.but never heard that a talon had any defects,as a fact no one has any complaints with you, i did a huge research for a better airbrush(had a chinese)and the talon won.good price,good company name,etc.

here i open a thread for side feeds arbrushes,there is the only person i know that has a grex,so also i know very little of grex guns.

i love to compare airbrushes with cars,with what do you want to learn to drive, in a vw beetle or in a 7series bmw!!!

hope this helps!!!nay questions private message me or write here, i´ll have my eye in this thread.
i forgot to tell that you should use the introductions section, so we can know you and greet you properly!!!:angel: and be part of the family!!!
Thank you for the answer. And what about cleaning? for example if I going to change colors often? is it easy to clean or it equally for every AB?
I've only tried the Talon for short "test runs", so I can't speak to it too much, but I have been very happy with my Grex airbrushes, and even occasionally use Grex parts in my Iwata and Olympos airbrushes with good results. I have an XS, and it's really a nice brush. Very close in quality and durability to the Iwata's, but at a very reasonable cost. Plus, with it being side-feed, you get the advantages of the gravity feed without having to deal with a paint cup in the way.

I use my Grex alongside 3 microns, and Infinity, an Iwata HP-CS, a vintage HP-C, 2 Olympos HP-series, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few. It more than holds it's own against airbrushes costing quite a bit more.

Plus, you can get E'Tac Private Stock paints directly through Grex now, as a nice added bonus.
like any airbrush cleaning depends on the paint you are using,sometimes just water can do trick ,but in time material acumulates so cleaning becomes more and more it doesn´t matter what airbush you use.

hope this helps!!!
So i decided to buy Paasche Talon, hope i'll not regret:smile-new: So anoter few questions about accessories. Do Talon need some solvent proof seals? Do I need special lube or i can use something more affordable(silicon lube for instance). Do iwata moisture trap(the one connected to the airbrush) fits Paasche?
I'm sure the Talon already has teflon seals. Do not use silicon oil. Get some Iwata or Badger oil. Paasche also has their own oil. If you want to use a small moisture trap, you will need an adapter first.
it has a teflon seal,what i use for lube is plain and simple glicerine.also i agree with andreza,you´ll need an adaptor.:angel: