Grisaille Technique



Does the Grisaille Technique work with airbrush paints/art? (Laying down the darker areas/shadows first) I've read, or heard, over and over that you work from light to dark with an airbrush ... however, when I watch some one airbrush real fire, they are laying down the darker colors first, then the lighter colors, and ending with the highlights.
For me it depends on the color of the background. On black I lay down highlights and leave shadows. Then work in shadows finally putting in highlights.

With white background I put in shadows and try to preserve highlights. With color portraits or similar I pick a mid tone first then come back and push back the darkest shadows with a shaded mid tone. Finally erasing, scratching or painting in highlights.
Ah... I see. Everything changes everything. Have to think about what you want and go with your gut. Thanks
depends on the job,when there is a lot of detail is better to work light to dark,why becasue there are some tricky details,small stuff,that for a pencil are nothing but are a lot of work for an airbrush.but you can start really dark lets say a background or a main part that doesnĀ“t requieres detailing.