Ground Metal Painting



Ok, So i have been wondering and watching , trying to figure out the best way to do a small ground metal table. I see how craig fraser did it and also another guy from Dirt Designs Graphics, but they really dont get into the paint details much? So my question is this, what is the best paint to use on something like that? , and also the best way to prep the metal. Do I prep it like it normaly would be on metal? do I need to scuff it up, or just go for the grinding and then clean it with degreaser..etc. also how many coats of clear after? or do I just geusstimate? thanks in advance
Hey grunt!, I think the idea with ground metal is you get out what you put in, the dirt design table is a great candy paint job, but as they say themselves they had not attempted the grinding if the metal before so really attacked it with the grinder,, a bit more patience and thought I believe gets a much better result like the ones in this link....... METAL PAINTINGS - YouTube doing anything give the panel a god going over with wax and grease remover . Then get to work ....some spots you may not want ground or maybe you want them matt compared to the shiney ground bits, so a wet and dry sand with 600 and 800 grit would give you a good base to start with, just ti smooth it out and get rid of any minor chips.........or don't bother, depends on your design I suppose? House of colour candies seem to work very well if you can use them
Ad, Thanks so much for the info and advice I really appreciate it. I am new to airbrushing. So I have been trying to find alot of info out. Thanks again