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Have a BIG question. I have been asked several times to airbrush guitars. Matter of fact, I have one here now that I have to paint (The guy wants it as a wall piece). My problem is this, Im using water based paint, and as we all know, require clear coat. My guitar guru son informed me, that I cannot use my normal clear coat on the guitar, because it will distort the sound. I know some of you have airbrushed guitars, what kind of a clear coat did you use?
If we are talking about electric guitar , doesn't matter , , that is when you paint an acoustic or classic guitar because the body of the guitar is an acoustic box

In that case , the clearcoat must be done with "goma-laca" (I don't know the words in english )
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If it is an acoustic and only going to be a wall hanger than no worries..
But like any boxed acoustic guitar, violin , whatever the amount of varnish apply can change the tone .
Electric guitars no problems on clear coating them.
The latest request, his guitars are hand carved electric guitars with a lacqur finish. So, if I dont use clear coat, what paint would I then need to use?
Ok, so I didnt get the guitar job, because he is 90miles away. He wanted me to come to him, which I understand, he charges $2000.00 per hand carved guitar, and wouldnt ship it to me. Im not going to some strange guys house, (shop) to airbrush his guitar. Couldnt agree on a price either, but he will keep me in mind, for other guitar jobs. So, all in all, it worked out ok. This guy custom builds guitars for Heavy Metal bands, so at least my "name" is out there :)
What you need to do is buy one, paint it, and then have him sell it. Or maybe talk to him about doing a limited edition set. That will really get your name out there and those big bands will pay the crazy money for them, lol!!

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Yes if he has a store, do one (get a really cheap or used one ) and ask if he will display it along with a bunch of buisiness cards. If they are solid body electric guitars then the clear is not an issue. And maybe if he sees one done he'll rethink. If it's mostly heavy metal customers then do a really generic design that will have a broad appeal, skulls, flames the usual sort of thing.