Gun barrel or micron nozzle?



So, I noticed something today when I attempted to tear down my new Olympos micron for its first deep clean. I found some scratches on the needle that I am confident were not there when I got the airbrush. Then I noticed the inside of the nozzle has some crazy looking grooves running the length of the nozzle. I have seen machining marks in nozzles but this is crazy. Has any one seen this on other equipment and is it beneficial to try to polish out machining marks in general. I have noticed that iwata HP's and old olympos are very smooth inside the nozzles but I have several new Olympos with rough marks that are circular, like most that you would find. This seems on purpose


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I have never owned an Olympos, but it doesn't seem right to me, especially if is damaging the needle.

The only time I ever had machine marks were on a devilbiss daggr, but that was in the body of the brush, where the nozzle was seated and it didn't function properly at all, and it had to be re[laced. Is this affecting performance????? As it's new I would contact the place you bought it, and get them to replace the nozzle and needle.
It definitely seems to perform like a micron. I have only messed with one for a few minutes a while back but this one is much better than all of my other HP's. I paid less for it than a replacement head costs and it wasn't an olympos dealer so sending it back is probably off the table. Its just so weird as it almost looks like it was done on purpose, lol I thought maybe it was their trade secret or something. I will post up a practice session to show what it does.
Maybe it is, we have a few olympos users around, hopefully someone can shed some light. In the meantime if its working, thats all good.
Not sure if its what it should be but miles better than my other ab's


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Really hard to see the line/s in detail, is it possible the needles not aligned properly and actioning the gun is whats creating the line, if its quite straight that would suggest to me the needles riding the nozzle, have these guns got a central alignment or is it offset? Checked if the needle is bent?, if the groves spiral to some extent its likely a machining issue. But if its straight it could be your needle doing the damage.
The needle does retract offset, but it is perfectly straight. The grooves look like they spiral just a tiny bit. The needle tip still sticks out in the full open position and the grooves run the full length of the nozzle. I figured machining marks but its just strange. I have always seen a spiral that wraps around the nozzle multiple times. Thee are almost straight. And when I twirl a piece of toothpick in it it sounds like running over rumble strips on the road lol. These are super deep.
inside of the nozzle of my mp-200C is not like that, it is smooth with circular mark but not too deep. Nozzle hole on image img_20160723_114758-jpg kinda damage, not round anymore.
Does it bleed paint when the needles closed? Grooves that deep sound like a problem whatever caused em, could indeed be a bad machining issue, might need to contact the suppliers and see maybe if they'll replace it.
I can set the spring tensioner about 3/4 of the way out and still get a seal, but I have had to take some extra care in keeping it clean as it seems to clog a bit easier. I had an hp100c that was like that also though. It may just be how far the needle sticks out. I did speak briefly to the supplier and I got the impression that I was sold a demo unit as I paved about 30 bucks less than they normally charge. It was listed as new though so I surely would have payed the extra cash if I knew about this. I thought it just needed some break in but there is also a chunky spot that the trigger rubs on that I'm going to have to file. Usually the new ones smooth out after a week or two but this one isn't getting any better. Just goes to show, it's a gamble when the price is lower than expected. I will file the body near the trigger but I may just keep using it and see if there are any long term effects. Even if I buy a headset and a needle I'm still less than half of a normal micron price. Does anyone know if iwata micron head sets will screw in to the olympos?