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Hey!, you've got a great forum here, plenty of good discussions and information!

Hello from the south-eas of Spain (Murcia to be more precise), where this absolutely no-good for art is having tons of fun with his airbrush(es... too much money already, damn it) thanks for the valuable info found in the Airbrush Tutor youtuve channel.

My name is Pedro, I'm a computer scientist, and I've embraced airbrushing as my new and most exciting hobby!. I always thought that I was completely disabled for any kind of graphic art (not to say sculpture), and restrained myself to music, to which I'm also horrible, but have good fun and no harm to anybody as I play electric guittar with headphones hahahaha. Now I discover that, I can draw a line!!! and I've started even drawing some crippled blending lines!!!! this is incredible, so much fun!!. Some days ago I even dared to try and get a dagger stroke from my Iwata Eclipse HP-CS and almost bent the needle (stupid idea to try it with the needle crown off, won't happen again). I've made like 10 atempts with "the eye", and even printed the girl portrait and painted over with my airbrush, which produced something that could ashame the whole human kind had it to be seen, but hey, had a great time ;)

I've been airbrushing for one month now, and after upgrading my lowsy chinese airbrush to an Iwata (after reading and reading about the many wonders of the eclipse), I'm starting to get the hold of it (sorry for my english, by the way, I'm all messed up between the various accents and expressions in youtuve) and really loving the Eclipse, but I found that getting serious detail out of it was reaaaally difficult. Not that it cannot get it, bear with me, but because that means way too much trigger control for me. I could get pencil lines, even thinner, like mechanical pencil lines, but I had to thin the hell out of the paint, and then pull the trigger half the width of the hair of a fly. That worked, but then I read about the infinity and GAS sindrome kicked in: bought it when I found it really cheap on a local store (205 euros for the 2 in 1 crplus).

Summing up:
Compressor: the chinesse AS189, sold rebranded from germany (can't recall the name right now).
ABs: Iwata Eclipse HP-CS, Harder&Steenbeck Infinity CR Plus 2 in 1, and two crappy chinese ones (don't buy them please)
Paint: Vallejo (discarded), Wicked and Wicked detail (currently), Com Art (waiting to get it in the mail!)

Congratulations to all of you, who make this forum incredibly usefull and fun and exciting, and to Mitch for making it easier and funnier to pick this hobby up from the list of "things I want to do when I grow up" :)

Well see around!


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Pedro ,
Welcome to the forum , Post up some of your work even the practice stuff it is all good.
Love Wicked and the detail Wicked , Comart is a little to thin straight out of the bottle sometimes for me but is great for detail work even through my micron.
Lots of good people and information here .


Hello and welcome to the forum Pedro, its good you are having lots of fun doing the practice tutorials. Just go on practicing and you will be an airbrush artist in notime :)


Thank you both, Mr. Micron and Stranger375. You have been invaluable source of information so far through the threads. I've learnt plenty from you, from thinning ratios, pressures, troubleshooting and not-so-intuitive things like the "left green eye rule" (amazing stuff) hahaha.

So far I'm too ashamed of my work, and the only things that resemble something real, are woman's rear parts (I'm obsessed probably) so I prefer to keep them undisclosed and safe from children XD I find that the light and shadows play nicely in that part of the anatomy and is somehow easier for my newbie status than portraits.

I've also tried with some tiny success the typical sunset beach motive, classic in t-shirts, but I guess that's easy :) anyway I'll post some pics as soon as I get something decent (in all senses).


Hi mainakae
I was also ashamed of his first work, but there are good people and I issued it. I look forward to the time I laugh at how I started .... :)


Sheriff Woody (Admington)
Welcome mainakae, your in the right place, we are all about learning,helping and just having a good time, you got yourself some decent kit and your of to a good start. Relax, enjoy it and you will soon get there, welcome again my friend:)


Thank you Domes and Cordyk!, I can't wait to get home, to my studio, and back to paint!. Can't stop thinking how to fix some issues and try new ideas :)


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Welcome Pedro, always great to see the enthusiasm and desire when painting. No limits on the AB for whatever you can create. Enjoy and have fun.