H&S airbrushes working psi



Hello to you all , with regards to the H&S airbrush range ,I would like to know what working pressures you are using as the sites all say 29 psi depending on media etc . I like to use 20 psi usually with my T&H but have used 5 psi with very thinned paint for details . Do these ab work well at lower psi ? . I prefer a side feed ab and I noticed H&S offer the evolution silver line version,. Does anyone know what other cups fit it ,say the small side feed grafo detail cups and are these cups a plug in type . Thanx in advance for all your help
I've worked mine at below 10 psi with very thinned paint. But that side feed, which I will never recommend, will use more. They also have the Grafo.
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I have an EVO and with the 0,2 needle I was just experimenting how low I can get. 10 psi is possible in my opinion. It is ok, but not really perfect in my opinion. Lower than 10psi I had problems. It somehow worked, but not really to a point that I would use it again. (Tested with differently reduced Schmincke paint). My preferred low pressure with the EVO is somehwere between 10-14psi.

But in general I have the feeling the Evo works better with higher air pressure (>17psi)
I have the Infinity with the .15 set up and have ran it down to 2 PSI before with super reduced paint.
But most times when I use it I am at about 10 PSI
Cheers fellas ,that's just what I needed to know .Andreaza those grafo versions have a different air valve set up ,so you don't push down for air it's more of the comes on just before the paint is auto mixed , spouse you get used to it in the end . I see it has some nice small paint cups . I will have to see if I can try one for size somewhere . I have not ever seen any reviews on here .
Just as everyone else, I mostly use 10-15 psi. It really depends on your paint and reduction.
I took the plunge and got a evolution silver line. With fpc valve in the 2 in 1 format . I am really pleased with it in every department . Great finish ,easy to clean ,well balanced ,very versatile . The atomisation is far superior to my badgers even at low 6 psi . I like the trigger motion and yes there is a small delay ,but that actually helps me with my bad hand . I had no tip dry at all while using for 2 hrs today with any of the paints I tried . I am looking forward to getting to grips with it more and must say I believe it will really help my work progress .