H&S evolution 2in1



I've had my H&S a while now and have used it quite a bit so decided to give a review based on that.

I got the 2in1 kit as I figured a extra needle set-up can't be a bad thing... However upto now I have only used the 0.2 that it came fitted with.
The airbrush itself comes in a yellow plastic box along with the extra 0.4 set-up and a larger paint cup. It is a very nice looking brush and it has been made to look good. The quality is also very good, its hard to explain, but good metal feels good.
Once I figured the reduction on the autoair paint to get it through the 0.2 it paints like a dream. There is a slight delay at the start of the trigger, but not enough to really be a problem.
Using autoair paint reduced with 4011 I can paint freely without to much hassle with tip dry, although it does get slowly worse if using the same colour for a period of time. Simple clean with water solves this.
I had a blast with some Etac red that adfez left with me and that was brilliant through the brush and I was using it for around 2 hours with NO tip dry.
Now the only "bad" thing I found was the needle-cap that comes with the brush makes it a nightmare to clean the needle during use. This is because of the way the self-centering nozzle works which means you can't expose the needle while its full. I did purchase the fine point cap which exposes the needle, and this made all the difference in the world.
So as a conclusion I would say that the H&S evolution is a fantastic airbrush and can perform as it should with the right paint. Anyone who thinks of buying one, get the fine line tip too as it makes a big difference to the brush.
I would definitely get another one. My EVO AL is still my favorite daily driver. The .2mm nozzle is very versatile, I can use it for most paintings from start to finish without busting out another brush.
I ended up with one mid-last year, so had a play also.

A great brush to be honest, but interesting to see you also picked up on the delay for paint when the trigger is moved initially. It's too much of a delay for me, which is why it sits in the bottom of my paint box!!
I just Bought the Evo CR plus with the .15mm needle. these are the last 2 shirts ive done with it.P1040508.JPG P1040543.JPG