H&S Infinity - Air valve adjustment


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I was in a recent conversation with someone about their Infinity trigger being too stiff while pressing downward for air. Anyone who has an infinity and wants to adjust it, you just need a mid sized flat head screw driver. I adjusted mine until it was so soft it was leaking air, then went clockwise about a full turn. The trigger for air and paint is now ultra soft. :)

Great Tip J. I actually changed my spring to a softer one. When I was at a Mariissa class I spoke to her partner Carlo who had some softer springs from Professor Tzolt. You can get them from Marissa's shop Shop Home | Foxy Studio - Part 2 I know they fit Iwata's, a Richpen 213 Mike Learn Mojo and some cheap knock off's BUT i don't know if they fit an Infinity or even a Badger. Hope this is also some useful info

I also put a drop of the blue Loc-tite thread lock(non permanent) on the inside bead of the thread, then cleaned up any leftover with a cotton swab. This will stop it from changing position, but will still give you the ability to adjust it again if needed.

Edit: disregard the Loc-tite. It makes the adjustment a little too stiff. It is still adjustable but a little tough. I did this so it wouldn't walk out on me, it definitely is not going to now. LOL
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