H&S infinity crplus,



Ok guys.

I brought a h&s crplus off ebay, a few moths back. I tested the airbrush and thought it had so powerful air coming out for a 0.15, the needle was thicker then my hp-b 0.2! Which again made no sence, so anyway i couldnt get "crazy detail" so ive been jubious of it, anyway im back at university and though ill have a play. But the thing bubble cups everytime, ive cleaned 4 times changed gaskets on the nozzle and o rings and still the same, ive seen that h&s 0.15 have notches on the needle to i.d them mine dont have that. Im feeling someones had a solo or another h&s brought the 0.15 swapped the needle and nozzle and sold the cr. i have seen the 0.2 has no notches. Anyone have ideas or pic of these "notches" ill end up buying a 0.15 needle and nozzle im guessing.

Thanks in advance
If your having bubbles in the cup, you more than likely have the wrong air cap/nozzle combo.
If you use the .4 nozzle with the .15 cap, it will do that.

Here are the pictures.

.4 Set
Air Cap has a slight ring engraved right near the bevel
Nozzle has a wide groove in the middle
Needle has a notch in the back end
photo 1.JPG

.15 Set
Air Cap has no ring
Nozzle has a narrow groove in the middle
Needle has no notch
photo 2.jpg

Sorry, I don't have a .2 setup, but here is a picture of the nozzle.
There is no ring.
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I have bought 3 Infinity's 2 in 1 myself and only noticed in a later stage that none of them had the correct nozzle + needle setup from the start. The .15 set-up's came with the wrong nozzle size, they had .2 nozzle with them. I wouldn't have known untill i found oud that there were grooves in the center of the nozzle to tell the difference between them. Cause it made no sence to me either that the smallest nozzle together with my .15 needle would have the result that the tip of the needle was extending the size of the nozzle cap. So as of now i wont mix the set-up with other sizes either. Here is a picture how to tell which is which.

Nozzle sizes.jpg

Hope this helps.
cheers dudes huge help, looks like I have the right ones its just not playing ball lol