H&S Infinity Solo



Hi guys
Sorry for all the questions of late but i want to make sure i get the right brush for me!
Can anyone offer any reviews for the H&S infinity Solo??
For those of you that have seen my work before would this brush suit my style?
I'm so close to clicking on that 'buy me' button but wanted to run it past you intelligent lot!
Cheers in advance
£165 minimum hmmmmmm ..... i have just posted a note on your previous thread, that price though id probably be buying 3 badger kromes at kkbo..... thats if ken has similar deals to last year..... christ thats even if ken is even there..... i hope to god he is
If it is too fine for your style then you just need to get the addition parts to make it bigger. It is great gun and very easy to operate.
I have the 2 in 1, it is my favorite brush. I can even get pretty fine detail with the .4 setup.
Highly recommended.
i can tell you since i own an infinity 2 in 1 like jagardn,its the most amazing purchase i have done in my life!!!the best spent money i have done in my life !!!is the best choice i have made in my life!!!it is not only magnificent piece of german engineereing,better than bmers,but it also affects the way you manage other guns making them seen as detailed as the infinity!!!!man you will enjoy every part of the airbrushing way with an infinity!!!
AW: H&S Infinity Solo

Around where I live you get H&S everywhere and in my oppinion they are all great. I use myself a Evolution, a Grafo (and a Hansa brush). The interchangeability and the quality are very good and replacement parts are quite cheap.

Cant do much wrong with an infinity. I would always buy the 2 in 1 sets though.

Greetings, René.

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Cheers for all the comments guys, I think I will save up and get the infinity! I don't think I will rest until I own one!!
The solo doesn't have a real chrome layer, your finger sweat and stuff will strip off the coating and leave marks in time. My evolution started within a month.

If you don't want it but a cr or silver. Its a great airbrush for the rest.
The H&S airbrushes all are nickel-plated, not chrome-plated, and as rick pointed out, isn't as durable. Especially if you use Fantastik, Windex, or any other ammonia-containing cleaners, either as a reducer or a cleaner. That said, the effevt is purely cosmetic, and doesn't alter the functionality of the airbrush at all. Just something to be aware of is all. I have the 2-in-1. I'll go so far as to say it's a pretty good airbrush, but not my favorite, and not without some faults. First, the bad- the materials used, especially for the needle and nozzles, are less than impressive. You WILL have to change the needles and nozzles fairly regularily. Something I very rarely have to do with other airbrushes. The needles are made of a very soft metal, and are VERY easy to bend, even with the 2-pronged needle guard on. As noted before, that nice, pretty finish (especially the gold on the trigger rocker) won't last long. On the upside, with all of the options available, it's a versatile airbrush. With the .2 or .15 tips on, it's capable of very fine detail. Not QUITE micron-detail, but about as close as I've seen. It's a well-thought-out design, and easy to disassemble and reassemble for thourough cleaning. Overall, it's a nice airbrush. I don't know if I'd buy another one, but I have no regrets in buying the one I have. If H&S would increase the material quality a bit, and specialize the Inifity a bit more towards fine detail, I think they'd have a pretty formidable airbrush on there hands. As it is, it's a good brush at a decent price, so long as you're not too attached to it's shiny looks.
AW: H&S Infinity Solo

The H&S cr+ lines are chrome plated. I think for the infinity they don't produce the non cr versions anymore. But as said mainly an aesthetic issue. My grafo doesnt look that nice anymore though. :rolleyes:

Greetings, René.
I am really enjoying my infinity 2 in 1. I agree that I would have preferred the CR+ but it wasnt (isnt yet) available in South Africa
I would have written a comparison already if I hadnt destroyed the paint nozzle for my sotar (1/4 if the price).

What I can say is that the infinity IS a breeze to clean and keep clean, I use com art and FW Daler Rowney and they shoot really nicely. I am going to test with temp tat paint soon, as I that is where money can be made back in this neck of the woods.

I do HIGHLY recommend getting the 2 in 1. its cheaper than getting the conversion set , but then cash flow might be a reality, and you could get the 0.15, 0.2 and 0.4 needle sets as backups/spares/options.
Infinity it's a really good , you can have some problems with needle oring (if you use acrylic - water paints) but if you change orings, problem dissapear
Received my infinity airbrush and in less then 24 hours the needle was bent. I was cleaning off dry tip gently and the needle bent a little. Very disappointed on the quality of the needle. I've never had this problem with my iwata eclipse. Thinking about picking up a iwata hp- c +