Double Actioner

What do they make these brushes for? Is it just personal preference or did they make it like this for automotive work or something?
Iwata makes some nice ones like that too. I have seen Craig Fraser use them for spraying a ground aluminum panel with Kandies. Covered pretty good. Here is the Iwata version Coast Airbrush Products I have also seen tutorials of people using them like an airbrush with a trigger. Just preference and how it feels I guess!
sucks when a toy duck is a better airbrush artist than you....im not such a fan of the duck
here is some guys using the very same brush for an awesome wall mural, as you see from your picture you can get a 1.2 mm nozzle for it which is like a fire hose, so perfect when you want to get down a lot of paint

ÐÑрографиÑ, риÑую дракона - YouTube

Yes sir Fez this is one of the videos I seen and was mentioning. Awesome piece and the duck was pretty good too! Can't hate on the duck he was just getting down like the rest of us!! Haaa!!