Handy tip for everyone



Hi guys and girls

At the top of the home page we have a "Shout box" for instant communication, some members haven't noticed that it is there yet (Scott saw it straight away, nothing wrong with your eyes,lol), but this can be real handy if you wan't a direct answer to any of your questions, especially if there are a lot of members on-line.

With a little luck people can make more use of this, we also have a shout box on our model flying club forum which makes an audible sound every time there is a new message placed, that draws everyone's attention and encourages other members to have a look, thereby increasing the chance of an immediate answer.

It might also be an idea to have a most recently asked questions box on the side bar, under the facebook box for example, this would avoid the problem of some questions being hidden when other threads come back to the top of a category

"Just throwing it out there" what do you think?