harbor freight comp.

1/3 Horsepower, 3 gal., 100 PSI Oilless Air Compressor

Is the one I am thinking about after watching the compressor vid that was made. Though I get to work in my garage and being that I am out in the sticks, noise is of no matter to me.

Has a tank that eliminates the pulsing that was warned about by the video and others on the board and can easily be adapted to an AB line ... there's a post about it in the compressor section of the forum. Same price of what your looking at just bigger! And obviously will need an air regulator for it and drier.



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nice,i saw that same one lastnight that i was there,but wasnt sure how much more i will have to spend $$ to get it working for the ab. like the moister trap,reg,filter, 1/4-1/8 reducer too right?
im also be working in the garage so noise its no issue :)
Yup... I was trying to find the thread I came across last night where the group on here had broken everything down , with pictures, for a fellow beginner but I can't find it now :^/ but yes... that's what I plan on doing... you might work your way up to about another $10 or so bucks with the trap and regulator the adapters can't be more the a buck at the most. Harbor Freight should have everything on site to be honest. If not hit up the local hardware/ home improvement store!
They don't have anything smaller then 1/4.. abs are 1/8 right?

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I am gonna have to say at this point... take your hose with you lol... I am still in shopping phase myself. Unless someone wants to chime in.

Personally I have to save up for the stuff I want. my plans are the compressor and all, a Badger 105 from the Michael's craft store locally, they have parts too and the paint.... sooo all in all it's gonna be a very impatient couple of weeks for me.

Found the thread

Read it all the way through ...very good info!
thats not bad. i might have to look for that stuff online or go to different store because harbor freight dont have anything smaller then 1/4 ..
thanks for the link mrsuthern!
i just finish reading and watching the vids...
Any old shop compressor can work. Do either of you own a tap and die set? Most have a 1/8 metric tap and die in them. If not they are not too expensive at Sears.

If you have a compressor, with a hose, get a reg/trap at Lowes or Home Depot. Then get an adapter from 1/4" standard to 1/8 BSP , the usual airbrush reducer, can be found on line cheap. Now if you are like me, cheap and handy, you can make due with the metric taps and dies and alter a standard 1/8" brass fitting.

An 1/8 nipple can be chased with a 1/8" BSP die in the normal direction, back it all the way off, flip it over and run it down again. I have done this several times. AB hoses are a straight cut thread, hence why you flip the die over, it cuts it both ways , creating a straight cut thread.

Now if you need to make a bushing, its a bit trickier, you have to start with a plug, preferably with a standard hex head, and solid. Drill an appropriate hole and tap to 1/8BSP, easier said than done, keeping it straight can be fun , this will not give a straight thread but if cut a bit too deep it will work with sealant.

I always try to get hoses with a 1/4 " female on one end and a 1/8" male on the other. This way i can use a 1/4" standard disconnect set at my regulator, to make hose removal easy. And i have 1/8" disconnects on all my AB hoses and brushes, plug and play .

I will try and add pics later at home . I have a good one saved . I just deleted it off my phone the other day.

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thanks wmlepage !.. im also handy too,but im always busy with work and kids,i be lucky to atless have an hour every day to train on the ab :)
u think home depot or lowes will have 1/8 stuff? i havent look for fittings or adaptors that small before :)
thanks wmlepage !.. im also handy too,but im always busy with work and kids,i be lucky to atless have an hour every day to train on the ab :)

I feel your pain. 400+ hours OT so far this year.

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u think home depot or lowes will have 1/8 stuff? i havent look for fittings or adaptors that small before :)

They should. Should be with the plastic tubing and such in plumbing. I get mine at work, being an industrial refrigeration guy, we have all kinds of AB parts around, not that they know that. I even scrounged up my used reg that way.

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Heres a pic of some fitting options. Its a bit small.

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Damn, that's alot of ot hours! Lol, me I'm just out of town most of the time..I'll look tomorrow at lowes to see what they have.. If not then online again :)
ummm,ok,im getting the badger renegade,so i will have to get the adaptor for that ab right?