Has any one used duplicolor paint shop candy?


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Dupli-Color paint shop candy Coat
Hello I was wondering if anyone had used this product and could attest to the quality? My 18 year old son has a 24 year old camaro its his first car. We would like to paint it so its nicer than stock but not a $$$$$$billion. the company dosent seem to have any paint chips at the local pepboys and I dont realy trust internet pictures but its premixed and $25 a quart. soooooo I suspect ill get what I pay for. all of the article I have read say pick the color you want and use the same manufacture of products all the way through for best adhesion and soforth.thanks for your input:tears_of_joy:
I used some on my bike. I used the PS primer, silver candy base and candy red as well as the black and clear. It sprayed well through my 1.0mm mini hvlp, sanded easy when dry, and had decent color. Only issue I had was i laid it on too thick so it squished where i bolted stuff together . I also had a fuel resistance issue , which was fixed when i recleared with 2k urethane.

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Just remember the lacquer paint will not be as durable as a normal car finish. But back in the day that's all they used was lacquer based paints. They are definitely easier to wetsand and polish out. There are even vids in the Duplicolor site or maybe a YouTube page. I know some do the car tv shows have even featured it as a good inexpensive alternative. Just make sure to still use a good paint respirator, just like you would for urethane paints.

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I would recommend shelling out the extra money for a good urethane paint system. There are a number of companies that offer low-priced but good quality systems. I just got some Kirker paint chips for free from AutoBodyToolMart.com. There are plenty of others out there, but that is just the one that popped into my head at the moment.

The reason I say this is because painting a car is a LOT of work. You don't want to have that work ruined by a bird crapping on your car. Basically, a 2k urethane system will cure, which makes it pretty well chemical-proof (to an extant, obviously). A laquer system never cures, it just dries, so there is no protection against solvents and acids that cars face every day. Gas, bird crap, bug guts, tree sap, and a ton of other environmental inevitabilities can all "re-activate" the laquer, and ruin a paint job.

If it was going to be a show car, kept in a garage and covered, that might be a different story. It's possible to do a beautiful paint job using laqs, and for some cars, they are "period correct". But, for a daily driver, or even a frequent driver, I think that laqs are just too fragile, especially when 2k urethane products are available.

Either way, read up on the proper procedures for whichever system you choose, ESPECIALLY the safety procedures. Your health isn't something you want to take risks with.
I used to use duplicolor on guitars and the problem I had was the lacquer takes FOREVER to cure. I would have to leave the guitars hanging for months before we could bolt any hardware to it. They're colors are good, but I would go with the 2k clear for any auto use.
HCP has a good point. He PS quarts are about $25 each. Some 2k paints can be had for around $40. A whole car will need a gallon or there about. Maybe check a local auto parts store like Napa even.

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well thanks for all the input! lacquer is out. I went to the local commercial paint store and the man Rick who worked there was very helpful he listened to my inputs and gave me options but the bottom line it was $500 for a 2k urethane set up paint reducer primer and etc. hes an 18 year old kid with a 24 year old car, $500 is just too much. I Called napa they sell Planet color, but the color I found on Planet colors website, Barrett Jackson Red Hot Chili. but they had no clue couldn't get it.:culpability: I went in on Saturday to see what they could get.... Paint shop closed counter guy not so much. so What I have found is AutoAir by createx easy to spray inexpensive and 2k Clear-coat compatible the wicked red is beautiful. I have a lot of experience using this paint so unless you guys have some real cons I think this is the way Im leaning. I watched them spray a BMW and a Dodge Magnum with it. granted its the first car I have sprayed I feel the best about this prospect.
Auto Air is a great paint. Its water based, so it sprays quite different than the lacquers, but all in all, much safer, and they have a great range of colors.
For a solid, one color paint job, I wouldn't see any downsides to using Auto Air, Auto Borne, or Wicked. I had a lot of problems with Auto Air lifting while removing tape, but the newer formula is supposed to be better with that. The older formulas could be a headache at times, though. Just make sure you're getting fresh stock, not stuff thats been sitting on a shelf for 5 years, and you should be fine.

Just remember to work in LIGHT layers, and to let it dry completely between layers. I find waterborne/ waterbased paints to actually be easier to use than urethanes or laqs, but you do have to adjust your technique a bit.