Have I made a mistake



Got excited and bought an airbrush compressor....from america.

I live in the UK.

I am worried about the different elecctronics, I can get a step down transformer to do the differing voltage but not sure about the wattage (as we have 50 hz and they have 60 h as such the motor may not go as fast)

Is this an issue?
If so is there a way to fix it with a specialist transformer?
I'm not an electrician but as I know it doesn't have to cause the problem. At least motor should run without burning of coils.
Transformer should solve the issue with voltage. But you'd better ask the specialist.
And of course it's better to buy unit with european motor. Why have you bought it in the US?
Saw a nice kit with everything I wanted and forgot to consider the voltages
I know I have bought electricals in the uk, that haven't been able to draw enough power in the US, but not sure how that works the other way around. I got a camera from there, but that charged up from a USB, worked just fine though.
Mate im an electrician and it would be money better soent just to buy a 240V compressor, a good transformer with frequency conversion would cost more than a reasable compressor. A step down 110V /240V transformer will work for a while then the motor will excrement itself. Don't spend good money after bad. Put it down to experience. If you do buy a transformer make sure it can handle the total wattage/power required plus an additional 30% for start up requirements. So if the plate says 110V 1250W you would require a transformer that can deliver around 900W at 240V. Feel free to PM for more info.
Thanks a lot for that musicmacd. I managed to get a hold of the seller (it was through ebay) and he wa skind enough to cancel the purchase and I have instead ordered something from my own country. Same airbrush and compressor, less other stuff (paints and cleaning equipment) but I don't have to deal with postage and customs and excise so probably works out cheaper as well.
Thanx musicmacd!:) It's really useful info.
Once I stopped from buying a compressor and AB on e-bay, I remembered about 110V.:)
Not sure why, but we use very little 220V over here. Only for major appliances.

From memory I believe 110V is safer due to less volts being able to push the current- the current kills you not the volts, but this is where I grr confused because the lower the volts the higher the current has be!! Also the cable needs to be thicker to carry the higher currents, so the actual cost could also be a factor in the decision. God im boring