Having fun - first picture



Beside dots and daggers I wanted to try something I thought would be fun.
I call it "The Rut" The Elk was done by stencil from my new Cameo (present from the wife, amazing) and then I did the details to it.
The backgrounds were done with the Paasche VL and for the weeds, elk hair and the texture in the moon I used my Badger Krome (love it).
Anyway I will keep working at it and hope to get my freehand a lot better soon.
Thanks for all the tips folks!

Great job on it! The colors and value range are really good!
Trigger control takes time, you'll get the hang of it.
GREAT job ..Nicely laid out and You have the right attitude HAVE FREAKIN FUN
Regards Kurt
Excellent job. I would be proud of that one if I was you. You managed to blend all the elements in perfectly.
Great work, I'm at a similar stage myself and sometimes doing dots and strokes just gets boring hey!
really nice, well done. How do you keep yourself from overdoing with black shades?