Hellloooooo Everyone!


Johnny B

Hello to everyone already here. Super awesome site to come across here. Me... I am not an artist! At all, and never have been, though I've recently stumbled across air brushing and am so blown away by what can be done with it that I just had to give it a go. About a month into owning the gear and I'm terrible! Absolutely pitiful! However I'm totally loving and enjoying it so plan to continue practicing and hopefully one day I'll figure it out :) I bought a Neo for Iwata BCN and a Paasche D500SR compressor to start... wishing I had bought a different compressor already but live and learn (at least something that shuts off automatically and doesn't run continously). The airbrush seems ok though I'm quite keen to try out a gravity fed gun also and am considering taking advantage of some online sales at chicagoairbrushsupply and trying out a nicer quality iwata gravity fed gun.

I'm loving the photo realistic work people are doing. The true flames are pretty darn cool too. These are two things I'm certain I will focus on, however for the time being I'm practicing dagger strokes, blends etc, and trying my hand at the eye and leopard from this site. Too much fun! Respirator on the way! hehe

- John
Welcome John, keep at mate and you'll be amazed what you can do.... Dont be afraid to ask any questions and most importantly have fun!!!
Cheers Lou.
Welcome john to what is fast becoming a great informative and more importantly an inspirational forum to part of .Don`t worry i am still terrible too lol .Enjoy
Welcome from the UK.
Glad to see your early attempts haven't put you off. Its all practise practise practise but stick with it & you will get it.
More importantly, Spread the love :)

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