Hello Airbrush Forum!


Info overload

Hello everyone,

My name is Phillip. I was linked over here from Airbrush Tutor's you-tube vids.

I would consider myself and intermediate air-brusher at best. Currently I work on lexan R/C bodies with good success. I am looking to move forward in my airbrushing to try some different surfaces, paint techniques, and further develop my skill. I will be learning every thing you guys have to teach. So keep those post coming.
hi phillip, welcome brother....a wealth of knowledge for you to pick through....a small piece of advice,,,,, most questions have probably been answered do if you use the search bar on front page you will probably find your answer....but certainly if you don't or its not quite right then feel free to ask away.....as son ad you can get done pics up of your work.....enjoy your times and welcome home!
Hi Phillip, from the uk, glad you found the forum, definately the place to be to help move you forward.
Welcome! I joined a few days ago and have found nothing but help, I am sure that you will as well
Welcome to the forum Info - ask as many questions as you can mate, you'll always get answers here! good to have you on board:)
Welcome to the forum. I have been a part of this forum for a couple months now and it has helped not only with questions but for inspiration as well and the people on here are amazing. Oh and by the way I look forward to seeing some of your work. Do you have a shop in Atlanta or is this a hobby for you. I ask because I live in Newnan, GA.