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Hey Everyone,

My name is Nate and I am completely new to airbrush, to the point that I have never used one before. I am extremely interested in the medium and would like to learn all I can about different techniques and tricks of the trade. My goal is to be able to custom paint my goalie mask, I play recreation league hockey. The ultimate goal is to one day possibly paint goalie masks for others.

I do not have any airbrush equipment yet and am simply trying to learn what I can about airbrush before diving in to my first set-up. My first concern is that I currently live in a one bedroom apartment with my fiance. I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the direction of those who airbrush in apartments and who could recommend various strategies and set-ups for being able to practice the craft within my apartment.

I appreciate any and all advice and look forward to the conversations ahead. Thanks!

Welcome home Nate.
Go Wicked paint or Spectra Tex both are water based. Wicked can be bought at Hobby Lobby (Print off the 40% off coupon)
and Spectra Tex can be bought at Michael's (Same print 40% off coupon)
Set up your work are with a plastic back drop to keep the over spray off the walls and work area.Also a room with a window (no pets in the paint room)
Note the mini compressor with out tanks are quiet but they also can restrict things like dial up pressure to above 30 PSI.
They do make Silent air compressors some are affordable and some have a big price tag.
Both Hobby Lobby and Michael's sell airbrushes. Hobby Lobby carries Iwata Eclipse CS(.35set up) and BCS (.50 set up) and Also have Neo for Iwata(.35 set up).
Michael's Carries Badger which are also well made in the USA airbrushes.
either will serve you well.
welcome from sunny South Africa
This is definitely the right place to be to learn, be taught and even teach :)
Welcome to the forum Nate! Your sure to get the answers your looking for here, let us know if you need any help.
Welcome to the forum Nate from NH

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Welcome!!!!! From Florida. Wonderful learning site. The BEST on the WWW. Enjoy, learn and most of all have fun.
welcome to the family Nate!! you will learn all you need to know here and if you keep listening to micron, then you are already on the right track :)
welcome from honduras.hope to you call this place home, like i do.good to start as fresh as you are, without some bad habits picked up by learning alone.good good good!!!:eagerness:
Hi Nate from the uk, welcome. Get your equipment and start watching the vids and you'll be set. With everyone here for back up, you'll be amazing yourself before you know it.