Hello all Newbi seeking some help



hello everyone ive recently bought a airbrush to play around but seem to be having some trouble with the paint? from watching youtube etc it looks like you guys all get a strong coloured thin line with no over spray and i cant seem to get this no matter what i adjust and if i go to close to the surface im painting on ( primed wood ) i end up with i think its called spidering ( air pushes the paint around )

this is using wicked createx paints ( as i understand these are good for painting on anything ) thinned with there thinner tried un thinned to very thinned and un thinned is a little better but still not neat enough to do any kind of detail

tried all sorts of psi best seems to be around 15-25 psi theres no splutter i just cant seem to get a nice line!

im using this kit


hope you guys can help me here can get pictures/videos if required

thanks !

Well, first off, it takes time to get a nice line. Painting on paper is a great way to practice. Primed wood needs to be scuffed or the paint won't stick well. Water based paint like Wicked needs a mechanical bond.

I would suggest a 4:1 reduction of paint, 4 parts reducer, 1 part paint and about 25-30 psi. You have to have good trigger control, distance control, and correct pace to get those tiny clean lines.
Its also in the eye of the beholder, there isn't a line that doesn't exist that doesn't have oversprayed edges unless of course you use some kind of hard edge or stencil as ultimately its in the spray pattern of every brush. Remember that when viewing video's it may not show all the detail, especially those really light oversprayed area's so some lines you may be seeing look cleaner on a video or photograph that what they really are..But of course it can be reduced, moving faster, different paint or gun combo's, distance from canvas etc all have something to do with it. I'd recommend speeding up your line pass first and see if it helps, reduce your paint next or use another brand (IE Createx is designed for high pressure application and if thats what your using, you will continue to struggle with lines and see if that helps, and if none of that works, close your eyes, hold your tongue to the left and do a line and if you don't open your eyes again I bet you it will be the best line you ever done :)..GL, but mainly just experiment with pressures, reduction, paint types, gun types and no doubt in there somewhere you will prob find some success..:)
Hi and welcome, Firstly, like all newcomers you haven't filled out your profile so we haven't a clue about you. It really helps to know where you are from, (maybe one of us lives near you?) and your experience level would also help us understand where you are on the learning curve,
The setup you have looks ok, the paint you have has never let me down, I have used it a lot.
Can you tell us what you are trying to achieve?
If you are a complete beginner it is doubtful you (or any other beginner) will be able to pull small clean lines. As with most things in life, it takes time to master and there is no instant fix I afraid.
Check out the Free tutorials here http://www.airbrushtutor.com/tutorials/83-equipment/112-how-to-airbrush
Otherwise as has been said above, painting with an air brush requires the right mix (reduction) of paint, the right air pressure, the right distance from the surface, the right speed of movement and probably most important good trigger control.
There really isn't a quick fix, you might try masking what you are trying to achieve which might give you the results you are after.
Sorry not to be more help.
thanks for the reply guys i have added some information about myself too!

so i just had a quick little attempt i did a 4-1 ratio and sprayed at 30psi and i now have a very nice clean line so i will have a proper try this weekend

my next little question regarding the wicked paints ( im using the black only atm ) im finding the paint is a very light grey rather then a deep black does this mean i have to go over everything a few times to get a darker colour or move abit slower so the paint builds up? or will it all deepend once a clear coat is put on?

many thanks for your help

Pretty much, when we reduce to spray nicer it obviously reduces the strength of the pigment also, in essence your kinda creating a semi-opaque, if ya black of course is an opaque one-have you checked? Don't know wicked paints well but these days most blacks seem to be opaque but occasionly one slips through that is transparent, and if thats what you've got it may indeed take a few more than a cple of passes to get it back to a true looking black, best of luck :)
Hello, Dan.
As you've said, you have reduced your paint by 4:1.
This will mean that to return it to it's original shade, you'll have to make a similar number of passes on each line.
This is also where most of us get to create our textures and details, so it's way important to understand about reductions and what they can do for us.