hello all



iam new to the forums iam form kamloops .bc canada and iam new to airbrushing just got my stuff yesterday iam going to need help just thot i say that lol nice to be here time to have fun


Hello Maximus, if you have any questions just post them and the people here will help you out as much as they can.


Needle-chuck Ninja
Welcome from The Netherlands. You've come to the right place for assistence in this forum. Please browse around in earlier threads to see if there is something you need to know contained in them. If you still have question there are many here prepared to help. Enjoy your stay here.


Queen Clown Slayer
Hi from the uk maximus. I stayed at Kamloops once on my way to the rockies. Some nice country you got round those parts. Check out the beginners excercises, practise the different strokes and enjoy! Don't get put off if you have trouble, most of us did (and do Lol!), so ask questions. Get stuck in!