Hello ALL!!




My name is Sonny and I am a total noob at airbrushing. My original reasoning for getting into it was to paint custom Microsoft and Sony gaming controllers. I've done some using spray paint and just think that an airbrush would give me a totally different more vibrant finished product.

So I found airbrushtutor on youtube, as i do gaming commentaries on it I found myself searching it for all my questions on any subject hahah

After watching his videos as well as others i have come to the realization that I may take this airbrushing hobby farther than i expected :)

As a younger teen I did artwork but never thought any of my stuff was good enough, so i by no means am a great artist but truly believe if i practice enough I can do some great things airbrushing :)

Hope to start soon, not sure what my first "project" will be besides a controller..

Thanks to all that have helped me already
Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome home Sonny, Nice to have you here and you have found the best place to learn hang out and have fun.
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!
Wow, wasnt getting the reply notifications..sorry for no responding, but thanks for all the welcomes :)
Welcome aboard mate, your in the right place, have fun, get painting and show us ya stuff:)
Hi and welcome,

the spray paints and custom painting are not that far apart, show us you work!