Hello all



well, i have been watching airbrush tutor on you tube for a while now and decided to join the forum... i hope to meet a lot of new friends and learn a lot from all of you. First i should introduce myself huh, well my name is Richard and i just recently took up airbrushing about a month ago. I was raised around and love Harley davidson, my late father built top fuel harley drag racing engines, i play around with the guitar some and I am a medical laboratory tech subfield in microbiology with emphasis in parasitology. So thank you for having me here and im looking forward to learning a lot from you guys and gals.. :)
hey there Sockpuppet
welcome from sunny South Africa (the place where many parasites live, and drive in expensive cars) :)
hello there flycatchr....thanks for the welcome :) and the reference to parasites lol nice touch
hello Richard and welcome, this is a great group always someone to help.
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:angel:
welcome to the most friendly and helpful forum in the whole www!!
You'll have a great time and lots of action here in this global community.
Cheers from Germany