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Young Tutorling
Been noiseing round this site a while and loveing it .I'm a welsh squaddie liveing in aldershot UK been airbrushing couple years but now really getting in to it have painted everything I can get my hands on from washing machine to the wifes car also had my leg amputated so that's why I post a lot of painted prosthetic legs lol
It would be good to see some of the work you have done... from one welsh man to another 'who's coat is that jacket'?
Hi Kurgan, welcome to the forum, and thanks for doing your amazing job. I have two nephews who are squaddies, they have done a few tricky stints. They work hard and play harder! Did you get your user name from the Highlander films??? Hope you post some pics of your work.
I used to havea bald head. ... people saidi looked like the kurgan.....I no longer have a bald head

Welcome along kurgan glad to have you onboard mate
Welcome to the forum from the US

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welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant:
Welcome to the forum, from northern Michigan, USA