Hello all



I have been trying to airbrush for a little while, this forum should give me some shoves in the right direction.
Welcome to the forum, and here you'll get a boot in the right direction (a friendly one of course) that'll get you there quicker.

Tell us a little more, where you at, what tools, etc.
Welcome to the forum!!! Im positive that with the quality people we have at this forum, the only direction you will go is up!!!! The only thing to remember is dont quit and paint anything you can get your hands on and everything i that you see!!! Practice is key and don't be timid to try the things these stellar artists will tell you! Again, welcome!!
g,day. awesome forum. heaps of very talented artists on here. happy to share tips and encouragement. got a question or problem just post it.
You said it, this place has more instruction and helpful advice than you could hope for. It's as close to going to school for it as you can get. There are practice sheets, video tutorials, and one on one Q&A.

Soak it all in...Oh, and welcome, lol.
Welcome in my friend, as well as all the great advice you can get there is just some downright nice folks on here, all spreading the love...oh yes :)
Welcome, the best $.,6#%^* site on the Internet by far. Have a good time and trust me, you won't meet a better bunch of artists anywhere. They are from all over the globe and are incredibly talented.