Hello everybody



A quickie to introduce myself on here. I am a retired Brit now residing in the Dominican Republic. I have recently re-booted my old hobby of painting miniature figures. I used to do 54mm but now the eyes are tired and I have been doing 1/10 scale busts which were not around when I was younger. I have been using a cheap chinese knock off and an Aztek and decided to treat myself to a Badger Renegade Spirit (awaiting delivery). I suppose therefore I am a bit of odd one out on here as I do not do paintings - yet (might give it a try with the new brush). In any event I am a bit isolated in both the model painting and airbrushing here in the DR. I have to get all my gear sent from the states as no local shops to get stuff on the north coast. Maybe available in the Capital, Santo Domingo but that is several hours drive away so hardly local. Anyway, interesting stuff on here and maybe there are others who do what I do.
Welcome ken, you are certainly not an odd one out here, there are a few of us doing for models of some kind, including me, I started to so as to paint my model planes and stuff.

It's always handy to have people in all different areas on the forum since it allows for tips and techniques from all viewpoints.

Have fun here and do join in.
Welcome home Ken , A lot of different artist on here from Model / figure painter to automotive and anything in between .
welcome to the family.
welcome Bagel
You aren't alone and this is an awesome place to be.
Hey , Patch my Niece lives in Okatoks which is not far from Calgary. You probably know her Lol. She runs a company called Green Way Packers that do house removals.
Welcome Ken this an amazing forum your going to love it, lucky you now being in the DR i'm still in the UK and yup pal it has been raining with more to come this week hahaha ;) wish we had your weather :)

Welcome to the forum Ken from the US.

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welcome from honduras,hope you call this home as i do!!!:cheerful:
Thanks for the response from all over the world. Need to pull my finger out now and get something done.