Hello everyone !!! New guy here from Nebraska...



Im 25 years old. I started airbrushing on my own after coming across an airbrushing book at the public library. My first airbrush was a PaascheVL that i bought when i was 16. I couldnt afford the expensive airbrush paints so i started off with some real thick acrylic paint that i got off the clearance shelf at Hobby Lobby. It was horrible stuff. It did not flow worth a hoot especially since my airbrush was a syphon feed style. Anyway, now I use createx and i havent touched an airbrush for a few years but I have a DevilBiss Dagr that I used only once and my most recent purchase a brand new Iwata HP-C Plus. I love to paint cars and though i havent done alot of it my real passion is airbrushing and custom painting on vehicles. I feel I have a pretty good understanding of light and shadows and some basic airbrushing techniques. It's been 9 years since the first time I set my finger on that trigger, but I still consider myself a beginner because I have absolutely no control over my airbrush... at this point it still controls me. Hopefully the LOVE and support from all of you guys will encourage me to get back into this awesome art form.... thanks, see ya around
welcome to the family!! you will pick it back up in no time!! glad to see you getting back to what you enjoy and you have found the perfect place to share it :)
Plenty of love around here Airhead, you'll be back in the swing of things in no time. Just holla if you need help!