Hello Everyone.



Hello to All,,
Only been airbrushing for 2 months now and have become absolutely addicted to it. whis I took it up sooner. Have just dislocated my wrist at work, so am out of action atm. Will still have a crack at the skull comp though. ( Will be enteresting with a plaster cast on )... :nevreness:

Look forward to posting some things on here.
welcome aboard, yeah its addictive, lol, all i want to do now a days,have fun with it
Welcome :) at least this is an addiction that people don't mind talking about, and it won't get you arrested
Welcome, sorry to hear about the wrist..... Paint the skull on the cast for the comp!!!

I've a dislocated brain so airbrushing is all that's left in life for me lol. Welcome from Holland and have fun.
At least with this addiction you don't have to go to rehab Lol! Hope the wrist holds up for the comp.