Hello everyone!



Hi all, I always loved to draw and always wanted to get into airbrushing. I finally picked one up, I wanted to stay within a budget, I ended up finding an eBay auction by tcpglobal and it seemed like a decent deal, hopefully it's a good setup for a beginner like myself. The compressor is their tc-20 and the brush is their master g34?

I plan on practicing a lot to get the hand of this dual action (is there some type of common pain that's cheap to waste while practicing) I have been trying to read as much as possible but I'm confused with paints (do all acrylic paint need to be thinned or airbrushing?). My main reason for this purchase is to do custom action figures, then hopefully grow from there.

Anyways, this forum looks awesome. Have a good day!
Welcome from New Zealand.
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Anwser to your question...

When I started airbrushing I used food couloring on news print, then when I got more confident I used up some old auto-paint I had laying around (solvent based paint is easier to work with if you can) and only after that I splashed out on some HOK, these days I use water based paints as much as I can...
Hello from England and welcome, I would just use any old paper to practice on and I would buy some paints just so you get used to thinning or not thinning and how the paint looks and works. Try out the Airbrush tutors tutorials they are great for starters. Enjoy the forum and "spread the love"!!!
Welcome! I'm new here as well.

I'm starting off with the Iwata HP-C Plus on an Iwata Power Jet Pro combo I found on ebay for $500. I found paint fairly priced on there too. That website's great.