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I've just bought myself an H&S Infinity CRPlus with the 0.15 and 0.4 with a Sparmax TC610H.
I've not airbrushed in something like 30 years now and back then I was using mostly Aerograph units spraying cars and the like.
The idea now is to get back in to brushing for a part-time semi-retired kind of income and pleasure. I intend mainly to be painting narrowboat signage and graphics (After getting used to the equipment again!)
A big change since my earlier experience is going to be in the stencil creation process - we have computers now! To that end I'm looking at buying a plotter/cutter, probably the Silhouette Cameo 4 Pro. This I hope will allow me to create my stencils and also produce vinyl pieces for people that want single colour graphics etc.
I've spent the last 30 years working variously as a photographer and image editor os have a huge amount of experience with Photoshop and Illustrator, this I hope will stand me in good stead with the stencil making process.
I also paint and draw so my artwork skills are pretty much ready to go, I'll attached a recent pencil drawing to this post. Be great to get some feedback on that.
Home is in the UK where I live aboard my little boat!
If anyone has any comments or suggestions for me I'd be happy to hear those too...
Hopefully in the not too distant future I'll be able to upload some early works with the new equipment.
I'm also looking forward to joining in with other forum users via their posts.
Thanks for reading...


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Welcome aboard Mike, I’m sure your skills will be returning with renewed enthusiasm as soon as you start playing around again. Many here have rediscovered airbrushing after life got in the way.
I love the picture you attached and you definitely have the skills and just need to get comfortable with the tools again.
We have several users here that use vinyl cutters so I’m sure they can help guide you in what will suit the best. I’m pretty sure that @SiRoxx has a cutter and also dabbles with photoshop so he will no doubt have some input to provide.
Check out the ‘projector/image transfer’ section, there’s some info in there on various cutters


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Welcome Mike! Glad to have you aboard (see what I did there) lol.
I would think the Cameo 4 Pro will be a great choice for what you’re wanting to achieve. The Silhouette software will be simple enough and pretty familiar coming from your back ground. I found that I preferred working with another system to produce the SVG file for cutting. This will work, but does involve an upgrade to the standard Silhouette software. It was a simple one off payment through their website, so not a big hassle. You’ll then be able to import Illustrator files and cut directly from them. From the sounds of it you’ll have more experience with the software than I do, but if I can help then I’d be glad to.


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Only thing i can come up with. You have the art skills, and muscle memory is a beautiful thing. You'll be surprised how fast it comes back

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Welcome to the forum from China! Painting on a boat may be challenging, but looking at your drawing your hand is very steady :)

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Welcome, sir! Si has you covered as far as the Cameo 4 goes. He's a good man....and thorough.

Otherwise, you seem to have a good handle on the art end of it. Have fun, and enjoy the Infinity. That's the brush I've been using for a while now.