Hello everyone.



Hi everyone I just got involved in airbrushing. I've actually never done any type of painting before but I always thought it'd be interesting to get involved. Hoping Airbrush Forum will be a good resource for questions and inspiration. Thanks.
Howdy from NC USA. There's a lot of good onfo and everyone one here is quick to help and critique! Hope it's everything and more that you expected
Welcome to the forum from the US.

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h€llo from AU.

ya it's a great place to start.... and youtube lol
hello and welcome from Sweden, dont worry you are not the only one with no paint experiance we are many that are compleatly novice in this area. lol
Welcome from Northern Michigan. Jump right in enjoy.
Wassup Doc!! You find everything here that you need to get on your way for sure, and find out all the things you didn't know you didn't know. Check out the exercise vids, and then when you've got to grips with them, most people try "The Eye" step by step. Shout out any questions, lots of great peeps ready to help.
Hello and welcome from the US, this group has all the talent, knowledge, and info you could ever want or need...sorry I guess I am partial to the "orange" lol Seriously though, if you tell us a little bit about what you like or interested in painting along with what equipment you are using and we can better help if you have questions.
I'm new here too and the guys and gals here are a great source of help, and friendly. Welcome from the land down under.
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant:
Thanks for the replies everyone. I appreciate the information. Since my introduction post I finished putting together the supplies I need to begin practicing. My gun is an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS. I use a 2 gallon 100 PSI Husky compressor. It doesn't have an oil water separator but I have the small Iwata pistol filter. I've been using Higgins Black Magic Ink and COMART paints for practicing, normally at 25 psi (17ish with the trigger down). Been doing basics and basic stencils and having a good time so far. After more dagger stroke practice I will be attempting "The Eye" as suggested previously. Thanks again all.
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Welcome to the forum Doc, you have some decent equipment so you shouldn't have any trouble. Just make sure you get your paint mixtures correct and you will spray for hours trouble free. Don't forget to ask if you need any help. There's lots of great peeps here ready to help.