Hello form Holland!



Hello everyone,

Just remembered that I haven't introduced myself on the forum yet.
I'm airbrushing for 4 years now, and not really happy with my results, doubt that ever will happen :D

This is the most friendly airbrush forum that I've found

Welcome on board Mark, show us some of your stuff, i bet your just like the rest of us..over critical of your own work:). Good to have you with us
Welcome home Mark , YOu have found the best place to hang out , Learn , Teach , and Have fun..
Welcome, this forum is the best of the best, I know you'll be happy you joined!
Welcome aboard, this is a friendly place, nice to have ya.

Hello Mark welcome from a fellow dutch man, you choose well my friend.

And remember:
The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Next Saturday you can visit airbrush club Utrecht in Maarsen, first time is free of charge.
I've learned a lot already just watching others and everybody is willing to help each other.
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Hi thank you for the nice and warm welcomes .

Ditoni I live close to Utrecht and Almere where differed clubs meet but I could only attend 1 or 2 meetings a year.
Next Saturday I have to work for instance

Take a look at my gallery I will upload some works.
hey mark welcome to the coolest forum. I lived on a sail boat that was built in Holland in 1964 same year i was born, lived on it for 12 years Holland knows how to build boats lol
hey mark, welcome buddy, I'm sure after 4 yeats you have some great skills and as said previously you are probably over critical of your own pieces.....can't wait to see your work so an gonna chip off now and have a look at your gallery.....catch you later brother
the little cat is excellent and I love the fine art feel of "dolce vita"
Hi Pocco:) good to have you here - it's something i wonder about airbrushing, if we'll ever stand back and truly be happy with a piece - you're always going to be your worst critic! look forward to seeing some pics mate:)