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Hi all,
ALERT: Total newbie to airbrushing !
I've done a lot of creative things in my 52 years on this earth, and airbrushing was one of things that i was always going to 'get around to.' Well the years are flying by and the nest is well and truely empty and i have a new found lease of life without family restraints. So i have ventured into the "mans domain" of the almighty shed, (sorry, i should have mentioned i'm a female, Stay with me...... I think you deserve some explanation as to why I've decided airbrushing deserves some exploration) in the shed I've discovered the wonderful world of powertools, timber and furniture building and conversion........ it all started a few years ago, i bought a python (Yes.... a snake and i now have 6) and decided i didnt like the traditional windowed box that everyone seems to keep them in. So i decided converting existing TV corner units as an alternative. I then discovered a whole world of possibilities with polystyrene and acrylic render, with which i could make all kinds of fake rocks, walls, aztec ruins, Balinese temples etc etc. all of which need painting, and the only way I could get the look I was after was by drybrushing.... which to many 'warhammer' model fans may not seem a huge thing....... but when you start talking an area of full 3D approx 4' x 7' it can be time consuming and very tedious at times. then the penny dropped one night while i was cruising YouTube to escape the boredom of Television........ I FOUND AIRBRUSH TUTOR....Lets just say it was a moment worthy of a "DOH" and a heavy palm slap to the forehead. :triumphant:

I will inform all of you that I have the artistic ability of a fruit bat. I'll admit i'm creative but if i had to make a living from creating fine art i would starve :untroubled: but the thought of airbrushing my handywork is appealing and i'm sure its workable. I already have two aircompressors so i'm off to a headstart :) i'm waiting for a friend to drop off an airbrush for me to play with, so next weekend i'd like to go hunting for paints... I'll start a thread in a minute which will show what i want to achieve and what the medium is that i'm wanting to paint, so i'm hopeful that someone can point me in the right direction as to wether or not it will work (I cant see why not) and what sort of paints would be suitable........

I've been looking around for a week or two and this seems like a nice friendly place to hang out, so although i may not be able to offer too much in the way of 'advice' to others I will happily drool over all the fantastic creations out there..... although i've yet to see anything along the lines of what i'm doing ! ?

anyway thats if from me for now, I look forward to being able to pick everyones brains and in a year or two be confident enough to offer some assistance to others of the 'newbie' variety, in the mean time i'll start 'spreading the love'

Thanks for the introduction Jackie! i hope you get what you came here for and that we can continue to teach! you're very welcome here at the forum, it is definitely the right place for answers!
Welcome to the forum Jackie. I have been airbrushing for 3 months now and this has been a great site for inspiration, advice, and encouragment from everyone on here. Airbrushers from ALL over the world on this site and all very friendly. You will make alot of friends in the process of learning. Enjoy!
Welcome Jackie, and who knows you will end up with your own space on this site learning us to do things you want to do ;)

I saw alot of video's people using airbrushes to make diarama's, that was fun and facepalmed me to get into airbrushing loll
I dont want to make diarama's but it got me the ideas!!

Hope you will have lots of fun here, liked the way you are writing, made me laugh haha :D
Thank you for the warm welcome :eagerness: and i'm glad I made you laugh FirePanther, and i'll warn you all now I do tend to have an odd sense of humour !

I did post in the paint section a question about what type of paint i should be using and a member asked for more info so i have posted a couple of pics on there of they type of thing i do if anyone is interested.

I spent a few hours last night going through a lot of the 'newbie' sections on here, and i've got to say there are some fantastic members on here that appear to be more than happy to lend a hand and offer up some sensible advice without making the Newbie look like a lower life form :) I've been on other forums where newbies are spoken to as if they were something nasty that should be scraped off the bottom of your shoe.... nice to see a friendly bunch here.

One thing i did read that made me feel a whole lot better about my lack of artistic ability was a statement of:

"I can't draw to save my life - the advantage of airbrushing is that the majority of pictures are traced out before doing the design. If you can draw then you can certainly implement this into your artworks but you don't need it. I can't draw a line straight"

Nice to see someone as talented as AIRBRUSH TUTOR shares my ability to draw a full moon and still leave people scratching their heads :)

Now i'm more keen than ever to get started..........the airbrush that is coming this weekend is a .3mm if that helps, so I just need to know what paints to pick, so can i have some input pretty please :) I tried to link to my other thread in the paint section, but i've received an error message stating that i cant put the link up until "i've posted a few more times" but then again, the same message told me i couldnt post pics or videos either, just as well someone forgot to tell the Paint forum, cos i posted some pics in there alright...... you've got to love technology

Welcome to the forums Jack. Artistic ability comes through trial and error. Try to improve everytime you're at the easel, and eventually you'll get there. Also, if you look around the web for photo-realism, everyone of those highly talented people use a mechanical means of getting the proportions right when they first start a painting, or drawing.
Thankyou fire panther, very helpful :)
And yes there will be lots of practice time at the easel... I'm not known for doing things by halves :) some call it committed, my partner says I'm stubborn, I think I'm persistent ! So either way I'll be giving it every chance to succeed :)
Come on in JackEb and fill ya boots!! I must admit I had a little chortle reading your intro about the shed, my wife has taken over control of my shed as it was to messy..the cheek of it!!! I think she wants to put up curtains..what ever next!
You will enjoy this forum as there are a lot of fantastic artist, total beginners and pro's and everyone is here to help, so enjoy and as the main man the Airbrush Tutor says 'keep spreading the love' :)
Welcome to the forum jackie!! Cant wait to SSSSSee SSSSSSome of tour work:)........ sorry that was a horrible attempt at a snake!! Lol, SSSStupid!!

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Glad to see I'm not the only one here with a ssssense of humor :)

@ cordy, I havent taken over the "man cave" it never was one. It is wholey and soley a "hen den". all the tools, powered or other, are mine, there are no curtains, never will be and as for being too messy ...... That's what sheds are for isn't it? (I sculpt foam and use render does that give a good picture :) )
I do have a good chuckle to my self when my fella wants to borrow stuff though.

I've already found so much friendly advice here that I've already become a member, this forum soooo has to keep going
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Hi Jackie welcome! from one newbie Aussie artist to another Aussie artist.
I only joined just recently and I can tell you now its a great place to hang out with like minded artistic air-heads (I'm mean that in a respectable way everyone) Lets face it we all got an addiction with air, paint, and creating whatever the hell well want at the time. Some do it just because? Well because we can! And everyone here will cheers you on and are more than happy to share so called secrets.
I nearly tipped over at wholey and soley a "Hen Den", lol. ;) Laughed so hard I had to rewrite the first sentence twice!

Welcome aboard Jackie, and although I paint mostly art type pieces, my airbrush gets used to paint everything from my sons bb-guns, to bic lighters, and through to making my homemade airbrush holder look like antique copper. I think you'll find that even if no one has done what you ask about, someone will at least be able to clear up maybe, the chemistry on the subject or something to help get you going. BTW, I like your python-pen, or would it be a snake-shack?, they should be the envy of all the other snakes in the neighborhood.

Again, come on in and make yourself comfortable. I think you'll like it here.

Thank you all for the warm welcome, 'hen den' is the better of a few terms suggest one night after a few drinks. :) in the short time I have been here I've already picked up so much useful information, all now stored in what room I have left in my already overcrowded brain.
The airbrush has been dropped off and it's a Veda 180, I realise it not a top brand but the owner told me it's a good enough to do what I want for now, it has two needles .2 & .3
I'll finish another project I've got going before I strip the AB down and lube it up and start using up my paper supplies with practise sheets. I still haven't got paints yet because I know once I've got them the AB will have to be surgically removed from my hand.
Anyway, I'd better get into finishing the housework, so I can get into the hen den, get the remaining (basic) python pens done so I can make room for the inner artist to practice :)
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Welcome Jackie and yer Hen Den,
I know adelaide, have friends in the hills and have sea fished off Marino.