Hello from Albuquerque



Greetings all,
Recently picked up some striping brushes and my old airbrush after a 40 year break for a career in Sheet Metal. Building a custom '47 Packard with my son and enjoying retirement. This is a great forum. I look forward to posting some work sometime in the near future.
Best regards,
Terry Farmer
Striping, how I wish I could do that, but I just can't. So jealous of anyone who can Lol! Hope to see some soon.
Hello and welcome! Just one question... its hypothetical, but here it is. If bugs bunny ever did take a that left in albuquerque that he ALWAYS missed... where exactly would that lead him!!! Lol, i just had to ask!! Again, welcome!!
Good morning and welcome Terry from the Uk, look forward to seeing your work and getting your input in this mighty fine place...yes indeed:)
Sea Monkey, good question. I'll have to study my Bugs library and see If I can figure out what direction he was heading.