Hello from another hopeless amateur



Just joined the forum as I am probably going to need lots of help (sorry). All started for me years ago when I was a kid making model planes, not happy with brush strokes. Now older with a kid of my own and he is starting to make models, decided to buy an AB to help out. Did some research on youtube and saw the wizard from Oz and so here I am.

Using cheap Chinese knock offs to start but interested in moving on to Iwata Neo.
welcome from sunny South Africa....

all the help in the world in this lovely place. no need to be sorry :)
Thats what we are all here for, to help each other out. Be sure and check out the main page, with hundreds of how tos, hints, and tips! Welcome aboard!!
Welcome from the uk. With all the help here you're going to go from hopeless amateur, to master. I started out wanting to aim as high as becoming a hopeless amateur, and now think of myself as amateur, with the possibility of becoming more. With all the great people here, you'll be surprising yourself sooner than you think!
Welcome to the forum.

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welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant:
Welcome to the forum, it wont be long until you're painting away. get your new brush and be ready to take in tons of information.

Hello and welcome from PA, this is the place to get any and all the answers you will look for.
No need to apologize my friend, you definitely came to the right place for advice. Welcome aboard from Calgary
Welcome along from the UK jonwing glad to have you on board Bro
Welcome from frigid Wisconsin. A little bit of advice for you... watch out for that Rados19 guy. He's kind of crazy, but he means well.