Hello from Athens, Greece. Airbrush newbie here!



Hello everyone,
My name is Despina and I am a makeup artist and bodypainter living in Athens, Greece. I use airbrush just to do a simple beauty makeup and I would like to expand my knowledge and do airbrush on other surfaces too. Unfortunately airbrushing is not common in Greece at all. I cannot find supplies here or someone to teach me anything. So the internet and this super forum It would be my main source of information.

Thanks a lot,
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:angel:
Welcome.Γεια σου απο τα Ιωαννινα δεσποινα.

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Hey Despina. I don't know anyone else who airbrushes either, and I've learnt everything from the internet and from my own experimentation. You have all the advise you need right here so ask away when you have questions. I hope you get some suppliers sorted out. I think there may be some other greek members who might be able to give you some advice about that.
Hi Despina and welcome from the UK ... You will find this forum a very good source of information and inspiration!