Hello from Az


Pearl B

Hello from Az. Im Pearl. I used to airbrush all the time. Then I had some health problems and gave it up about 7 + years ago and didnt think much of it till I got something I wanted to paint real nice.
I thought about my airbrush. I needed to get a compressor. So I looked on Amazon, and well, Ive decided to get back in to airbrushing completely.

I picked up a Badger 105 patriot and some paints from Amazon. Ive already have 2 paasche VL's and a vega. I took them out of storage and its nice to see them again. :love_heart:

I need to do some relearning and get back into this, so it is really nice to have come across this forum!!

Welcome from California. Glad to have you. I lived in Phoenix up by Scottsdale and loved it out there! Hope to move back soon!
Welcome Pearl its real nice to have you with us, we will soon get you back into the swing of things. Ask away,join in and above all else have fun doing it and dont forget to spread that love:)
Welcome home , Glad to have you and I am sure you can teach us as much if not more than you will learn form us.
welcome, if you have any technical advice, micron is the man,, he is the forums mcgyver,,along with a few others,, great folks on here just ask and someone will help you..
Ello Ello, the one thing about airbrushing is until it wants to it ain't never finished with you LOL, welcome and have fun getting back into it..