Hello from Belgium



Hello to all of you,

I am new to airbrushing. (my new airbrush-kit arrived today)
I have a lot of questions and i hope i can find the answers on this forum.


Hi PlaMo, you have come to the right place for moral support and great advice. You will like it here. Welcome from Calgary
Welcome home PlaMo, You have found a great place to learn , Make sure to check out AirbrushTutor's instruction videos.
Hello my friend and a big welcome from me:). Everything you need to know is here(somewhere) and plenty of great people willing to help.
Spread the love my friend, spread the love!!
Welcome PlaMo, you have come to the right place am sure you will find all your answer :)
welcome from honduras and this is the right place,hope you can call it like i do, home.
Welcome to the family!!! Enjoy yourself and have fun around here!!

"Sometimes you have to let one slip......just to remind people your $#!+ really does stink ;)
Hi PlaMo! any questions you have mate we'd be more than happy to have a crack at answering them:) Even if we don't know we'd be happy to make something up.
welcome to the forum my freind all good people here that will share there knolwedge