Hello from Belgium



I would like to say a BIG hello to all members here.
My name's Vincent.
I'm from Belgium, i'm an operator in a offset factory (i'm printing books, reports,...)
I'm 38 years old, 2 childrens.
I like to draw, but i would like to do art in a different way, so airbrush has chosen me ;)
After a lot of readings and a lot of hesitatings,
i've chosen the Iwata Eclipse CS (my hart was for the Harder&Steenbeck Infinity CR, but i'm a newbie so...
Hope i did the right choice.


Welcome to the forum from the US.

The Eclipse is a gray choice for a beginner. It can do some fine lines when you get the hang of it. And it can spray quite a lot of paint for a variety of tasks. Many of us use them daily for different areas of painting.
welcome from rainy belgium ;)
grtz daemon

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welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:loyal:
Hi Vincent, from the uk. Good to know airbrushing chose you lol, and you chose a great airbrush. Great for a beginner, but also something you won't grow out of as you progress. I use it all the time.
Hey Vincent,

Welkom to the place to be.
Fun to see a other person from the land of beer and chocolattekes '-)

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