Hello from Bielorussia



Hello, Everyone! I'm from Belarus.
I'm new to airbrushing and even don't have an airbrush yet. Haven't decided what airbrush to buy but working on my DIY compressor. i've been thinking about airbrushing since i started doing graffiti. I'm going to paint on things like laptops, chassis, doors and walls and also working on my sketches. I like spraypainting so much. I liked graffiti at the age of 5, i was traveling train sitting and looking out the window watching things passing by. Covered with strange and sometime scary paintings trains and walls from time to time appeared. Amazed and impressed I thought that it would be great doing something like this. Then I forget about it and remembered more than 15 years later and then started.
So airbrushing is new thing for me what have it's own aspetcs and difficulties. I'm sure that experience in airbrushing will assist me in graffiti. Sure that I'll have fun with it.

P.S. English is not my native language so feel free to correct me or ask if you do not understan someting, i'll apreciate)
Welcome to the forum from the US.

Many different nationalities her, so we understand the language thing, you're doing fine there.
Hi from the uk, your English is great, post some of your graffiti work, I've never done any, but I think it's cool!
Welcome home Atex , Nice to have you here and you have found a great place to learn and hang out at.
Would love to see some of your tagging..
welcome from sunny South Africa

you have come to the right place for help, advice and friendship :)
Welcome aboard atex, it's always great to have new artists join us, it would be great to see some of your work on here, enjoy yourself here and dive in my friend.
good!!!welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home like i do!!!:02.47-tranquillity: