Hello from Calgary, Canada


Air-Valve Autobot!
Hello fellow Ab'ers. My name is Carlitos (zotilraxx in the forum). I am a chef by trade and an artist by choice. I have always had an over-active imagination and the only thing I know to release it is with art. I have always been fascinated by the airbrush and I wanted to use one for the last 2 decades. Last year I bought a Testors ab and brought it to an artist who leaves near me (Cross Eyed's Blake McCully) and he said that if I wanted to be a serious artist I should invest in a better ab. So I bought an Iwata HP CS and I am in love. Now, I am serious about it, not yet an artist though. Still have a long way to go. These forums have helped me tremendously with my Ab'ing. So here I am and I will be pestering you good folks with questions, soon...
Welcome carlitos! My brother in-law is an executive chef at cafe 30a here in Santa rosa beach. You guys work very hard and I am sure ABing will give you a bit of relaxation. Well most times that is. Be patient and have some fun! Great to have you here
Heya Zotil! I just got here as well, good to see ya on here too man!
Glad to be here, thanks for the welcome man!! Never knew about this forum until seamonkey invited me!!