Hello from Canada!



39yo married male from Winnipeg, Mantioba Canada. Real estate agent and soon to be stay at home dad when the wife goes back to work. Im hoping there might be some time for a new hobby/passion along side golfing as spring is now here.

I am super super new to airbrushing. I used to do some pencil work when I was younger, 20 years ago and recently Ive been checking out custom transformers on youtube and got an idea.. so more youtubing led me to the awesome Airbrush Tutor, and here i am!
Im really excited to learn and to practice.
I picked up some random paints and a badger 150, but I think I need more of a starter paint to practice.
Im finding it hard to decide on what paint to get. I'm think Createx is the simplist to start off with for paper work but maybe upgrade to the wicked so that I could do plastics as well.
Its all pretty expensive to order online when you add shipping and taxes.
Please say hello and offer any advice you may have!

Hey Scubasteve,
Welcome from a fellow Canadian. I'm new swell, and can't wait to get started. Everyone here has been so nice and helpful. You won't have any problems finding help on this forum. With some practise we'll both be posting up our works of art for some constructive criticism. Much love from the nations capital, and have fun with the little one!

Chunky Ninja
welcome from honduras, this a very nice place with very nice people.

i left a message in your profile.

i paint with com-art for paper,i do most of my work on paper.most people here works with createx,but you can also can try with inks:windsor and newton and many others.remember that everything you work with will provoque dry tip so have some water and a very soft brush to clean the tip and the needle

good luck
Hey Steve, welcome from the uk. If you are wanting to paint on many surfaces then you can't go wrong with Wicked paints, it's Lightfast too, which is good for outdoor stuff (will need clear coating of course).

Money always gets in the way, so i recommend getting black, white, the primary colours and some reducer to get you on your way, You can mix up most colours with this combo, and save some $'s by not bying stacks of colours. I personally prefer to get opaque black and white and trans primaries, because I don't like the 'flat' look opaques can have, but that's just me. Have fun.
Welcome home Steve , and once you learn to airbrush you can custom paint your drivers and make some money at the golf course beside the standard 20 bucks a hole,...LOL
Thank you all for the 'Hello' and the 'Welcome'
I was very pleased just now to see so many replies!

I dont think Ill be posting anything for some time to come! lol I just found some local stores that sell createx, so Ill be checking that out asap.
I'm going to go with the wicked colors if they are not too pricey, but if they are Ill get some of the basic ones and then more up later.
I was thinking a set of primary colors; opaque white and black; maybe illastration white (not sure if this is the same as just the opaque white for a base coat); maybe some transparents (for fire!); and of course reducer, cleaner and clear coat.

-Squishy I think Im actually on the right page with your paint suggestions!
-Mr.Micron a golf club would be a cool idea when and if I get better, at painting and golf! lol
-Patch (wolverines name?) I used to live in Calgary, '96-'98 and went to mount royal collage.
-Thanks for the Welcome Ninja, Ulltraz and Flycatcher.
Hi Steve - I am sure I have seen your nick elsewhere on the web? what else do you do/are you interested in?
Ive used different names for different sites. lol Scuba Steve is the fictional character from Adam Sandlers movie "Big Daddy" :)
Ive used different names for different sites. lol Scuba Steve is the fictional character from Adam Sandlers movie "Big Daddy" :)
LOL steve - OK then i have seen someone else who used the same nick a little while back
welcome again then :)
Welcome aboard to the forums lots of great choices out there wicked over regular createx any day to me more user friendly smaller pigment used so makes spraying and reduction easier.