Hello from Chelmsford, England


Benjamin Klinck


I'm new to airbrushing - infact, I'm awaiting for my paint (wicked colors) to arrive as we speak. I am (will be) using a Iwata HP-CH (I sold my rotting in the garage motorbike to get it).

As I just mentioned I am really new to this, so much so that I have not used an airbrush yet -I can't wait to start. I love some of the works in the gallery - amazing!

I will put my first pics on the forum gallery when I have one complete - please be gentle with me when I do.

look forward to meeting you all.

Welcome to the forum Ben, enjoy all that the site has to offer and I look forward to seeing some of your work once you have your new kit.
Welcome to the forum Ben, have a good look through and make use of the search function, almost all you need to know is here already.
Enjoy yourself along the way, it's all nice cuddly people here, so we're always gentle.
Thank you Madbrush- Im really enjoying the tutorials and looking at peoples works.
Welcome aboard mate, plenty of beginners about on here and enough talent and advice to shake a stick at!! You won't go wrong by following the tutorials but most of all have fun with it and you'll get hooked:). Your just down the road from me, I live in between Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds. And don't forget about 'spreading the love' :)
Thank's Cordyk,

Your from a Lovey part of the country - spreading the love!.
Danke! Bitter ..I am in no way German.....even though my nickname is Das:eagerness:
Welcome!! You will like the wicked line of paint. They are great for professionals and perfect for beginners!
Benjamin welcome!!!!!!! It's an exciting new adventure and trust me it never goes as planned. Be patient and learn from others mistakes. If you have even the most basic questions, this is the place. Worldwide help and a great learning atmosphere. ENJOY!!!
Thankyou Seamonkey,
I am really looking forward to receiving these as I have everything else.. but no paint! Cant wait.
Thank you IDMTmedic,

Thank you very much for your advice! At the moment I have no paint (hopefully arrives tomorrow!) I may just call on you when required.
Welcome Ben,
from Sunny Sydney Australia!

Thank you Red Baron,
I knew I should of used a cool forum name like yours. Say Hi to the Sun for me, its been a while since we have been aquainted:smile-new:
Welcome Ben I'm a beginner from Devon uk. I have learnt a lot from just asking here. One tip I have with Wicked paint which I found great advice was start off reducing paint 1:1 with reducer. This seems to be a great starting point. As for white good luck lol. Enjoy!
Hi Tufty
Thank you for the welcome.
I like your eye!! What type blue did you use?
I saw Steve Driscolls "How too" Wicked skin tones video. He advised that he reduces everything 1:3 as a starting point. Im not sure if that carries over to all the colours though. But I am going to start off with 1:1 as you suggest.
What about white? I ordered Opaque and detail white...OMG... telllllllll meeeee...:cower:
The white is hard to master but mitch highly reccommends the wicked detail white so you should be on a winner straight away. The blue is a wicked paint blue. Each colour to me seems different. I reduce my black 1:1 which I found was great to use but you can reduce way beyond that.
Thanks Tufty!

I'll post my first attempt's -Im not sure if I will have time for the eye competition but i'm going to give that picture a go anyway! again thank for your help.
Good luck with yur new airbrush. What made you want to start?