Hello from Colorado



Hi to all the creative airbrush artist's. Im new here on the forum and would like to say that i realy have injoyed mitch and his videos from airbrush tutor im realy learning alot of tricks and skills from him. Its realy nice that he can provide learning videos with out any charge. I would like to say that im from Colorado and have never herd of airbrushing untill i came across one of mitch's video. I was realy intrigued and decided to see if i could do anything this skillfull. iv been brushing for about 6 months now. started with a cheap harbor fright brush siphon feed which work realy well for my project i well post some pics after the bio comp.

Gotta go for now all of you have a good one.
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hello and welccome fro australia!! :) make sure you browse the forum info, there's lots of info here too
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant:
We've already talked Lol, but I'll officially say hi! Mitch is the best, and you'll find lots of amazing people ready to help and advise here.