hello from denmark



hey all

me name is martin . im from denmark and have been airbrushing for 2-3 years and im still learning and loving every minute :D

i really dont know what to tell you all about myself , bot still vonna say hey :D
Welcome home Martin. Nice to add you to the family and look forward to seeing some of your works,
hey man thx . im gladt to get ind to the forum . hehe bot my english is excrementty so i hope thats not gonna be to big off a problem :D

i have 1 question how manny post´s do i have to make before i can post som off my works ? :D
welcome from honduras,hope you call this place home like i do!!!
haha Herb jea funny how that happend :D
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hey ulltaz thx man . i hope to learn som stuff from all off you :D
idk if im any help to anny on bot if i can help some on ill do that to :D
Interested in seeing some pics if you got something you'd like to share Rexuz? Welcome to the forum buddy:loyal:
Welcome to the family Martin!!! Can't wait to see some work, and don't be shy around here ;)

"Sometimes you have to let one slip......just to remind people your $#!+ really does stink ;)
welcome rexuz, dont worry about your english, it adds flavour and I love thinking how other people pronounce their words when I read their posts :)
hey flycatchr thx :D all you ppl ar to nice :D

Pleasure dude :)
South africa has such a huge collection of various languages and cultures - nevermind the 11 official languages - we have geeks, Germans, Chinese, Portuguese and Greeks :) to name a few, so the rainbow of pronunciations is awesome. so much so that when my mother went to England she was able to translate what a train conductor was saying for a Chinese tourist. (she spoke English to both :0 )
welcome to the forum my freind all good people in here to help you if you need it